Radha Krishna Statue
Radha Krishna Statue Radha Krishna Statue

Radha Krishna Statue

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Radha Krishna is the eternal pair; their eternal love is celebrated throughout the universe.

Radha and Krishna is an inseparable bond. Benefits of having Statue of Radha and Krishna: • For divine grace and blessing of Lord Krishna and Radha • For happy and long lasting married life • For harmony, marital bliss and stability at home • For peace of mind and happiness in a relationship.


  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions (each statue) : Length: 7 inches (18 cm) , Width: 5 inches (12.5 cm) , Height: 21 inches (52.5 cm)
  • Weight : 16.7 Kgs combined (approx.)
  • Package Contains: 1 Brass Radha Statue and 1 Brass Krishna Statue
  • Care: Do not clean with harsh chemicals

Weight: 16.66 Kg