Shiva's Trishul - 11 Inches
Shiva's Trishul - 11 Inches

Shiva's Trishul - 11 Inches

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This masterpiece from the house of Two Moustaches represent the Trishul and Damru of Lord Shiva. The three points of Trishul (trident) have various meanings and significance. They are commonly said to represent various trinities-creation, maintenance and destruction, past, present and future, the three gunas. In the human body, the trishula also represents the place where the three main nadis, or energy channels (ida, pingala and shushmana) meet at the brow. Damru symbolizes the Universe which is always expanding and collapsing. From an expansion it collapses and then it re-expands, this is the process of creation. If you see your heartbeat, it is not just one straight line but it is a rhythm that goes up and down. The whole world is nothing but rhythms, energy rising and collapsing to rise again. So the Damru signifies that. Look at the shape of the Damru, from expansion it collapses and again expands. The Darmru is also a symbol of sound. Sound is rhythm and sound is energy. The whole universe is nothing but a wave function, it is nothing but rhythms.


  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions : Length: 7 inches ( 17.5 cm), Width: 3 inches ( 7.5 cm), Height: 11 inches ( 27.5 cm)
  • Package Contains: 1 Trishul Showpiece
  • Care: Do not clean with harsh chemicals

Weight: 0.38 Kg